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TTkungfu Rules in a NutShell




  • All duels go to 11 points.

  • Switch the serve after each point scored.

  • Come prepared to play, this is simple. Create your own kungfu name like “Master KungFu” and refer to your opponent by name during game play.

  • Create at least 5 kungfu moves that you will call out before or right when you hit the ball (never after the shot).

  • Your Paddle is referred to by any weapon name of choice like "katana" or "battle ax".

  • POST images and the name of your TTkungfu at #TTkungfu. 




  • A duel is over when a student achieves 11 points first and wins by 2 points.

  • 1 Point VINTAGE STRIKE. A student wins 1 point per successful duel.

  • 2 point KUNGFU MOVE. A student calls out their shot and wins on that strike. Yell "Startled Kitten" before you strike the ball for example.

  • 3 points for the FREEZE MOVE. A student calls out the shot, FREEZES in place AND wins on that shot ONLY for the 3 points.

  • 2 Points for the counter FREEZE. A student calls out his shot and declares

    a freeze strike, the defending students can “head bean” the attacking student without

    being required to return the ball on the table.

  • 3 Points for the CHOP STICK MOVE. If the ball is going out of play, the defending combatant can attempt to catch the ball either: from mid air, or, after the first bounce between any but not more than, TWO fingers. You must then stop and show the ball between two fingers to prove the feat.



The Detailed version of TTkungfu Rules:





1.1 TTKungfu duels can happen anytime, anywhere with a table, net and two paddles. Any alley, office or  basement that also runs cock fighting late into the night are common fighting grounds, It is everywhere. regulation Table Tennis tables are recommended but not required.  Provided opponents have access to a flat surface with two equal halves distinguished by some type of low divider wall, let the Duel begin!

1.1.1 Given the “anywhere, anytime” nature of TTkungfu followers of the art are expected to always keep their blade close at hand!




1.2.1 Games are recommended to 11 points and combatant serving changes after each point and typically “best of three”.

1.2.2 Decision of who deal opening serve will be determined not by spelling PING but KUNG in a back and forth volley where loser must take defense first.

1.2.3 TTkungfu follows ITTF & USATT serve regulations unless opponents agree on “all styles apply” rules for service.

Combatants will switch sides after each duel.




1.3.1 Standard ITTF & USATT point awarding system is adhered to in TTkungfu. 1 Point per successful duel.

1.3.2 One additional point is awarded when combatant verbally calls attack move and makes corresponding point.

1.3.2.a Combatant MUST begin verbal attack call BEFORE contact is made to return ball in play.

1.3.2.b Combatants may use a verbal attack call with serve but extra point is only awarded if defending combatant is unable to make any contact between blade and served ball.

1.3.3 One additional point is awarded if point is made and attacking combatant performs attacking move and “freezes” at the end of “death stroke”.

1.3.4 Two extra points are awarded to combatant IF he or she is able to perform the “CHOP STICK MOVE” move on a ball that is going out of play. You may perform this move in mid-air or after the first bounce.




1.4.1 All practitioners of the art of TTkungfu must chose a TTkungfu name/alias, this name must be used during all TTkungfu play. For example, “Master KungFu”

1.4.2 Practitioners must also establish a set of at least five signature moves to be used in TTkungfu duels.

1.4.3 Practioners will use a verbal belt color system to inform opponent of years in Table Tennis study. 




1.5.1 Any facility equipped with a TTkungfu playing surface and acknowledging the Table Tennis Kung Fu rules is eligible to become an official TTkungfu DOJO and honored with a badge and listing on

1.5.2 Any official TTkungfu DOJO is eligible to have any number of SCHOOLS of TTkungfu practicing at said facility.

1.5.2.a Schools of TTkungfu consist of any number of practitioners under one SCHOOL EMBLEM practicing the art under an official TTkungfu DOJO.

1.5.2.b Officially recognized schools of TTkungfu will be recognized on with their school emblem under corresponding TTkungfu DOJO emblem.

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