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marQaha and Table Tennis you ask ?!

For us the love of this game started like many great love stories, in the garage (playing with friends and family) ! 


One Ball to Unite Them All


The marQaha Table Tennis Society comes from all walks of lifePoor, Rich, Tall, Short, M, F, all ages, color and religions. Everything is left at the door before stepping up to the table, if you have the love then you are part of the society.

As strange as it sounds, something as simple as a ball or a Plant has the power to unite.

Earn Your Wings!

Join the (not so secret) Society today!


Table Tennis is second only to Football (Soccer in the USA) as being the most internationally played sport on the planet. Everyone plays (some like Bob Marley and Henry Miller were obsessed with the game!) but like a well kept secret, few talk about it in public. Here's a peek showing people enjoy the game we love so much!

For the Love of........

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