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Officially sanctioned DOJOs and Schools of TTkungfu


Under the style of TTkungFu here your DOJO can be listed along with the other great schools of Pong!  DOJOs will be listed as "open" if anyone can practice or "closed" if the DOJO keeps their secrets and shuns intruders! Under one dojo there may be multiple schools of TTkungfu practicing.  Find or Register your DOJO, and let the duels begin!  We have a Monastery of graphic Monks happy to help you create you own DOJO or School badge!  


Some Closed DOJOs do accept challenges from passing TTkungfu practitioners! 

Table Tennis KungFu

Ace is an officially unofficially recognized DOJO offering plenty of space and tables to practice TTkungfu with your school or challenge others for the ultimate honor!  This is an OPEN DOJO that takes reservations for table play as well!


DOJO is located at:


501 East 17th Street in Denver, CO 80203

(P) 303.800.7705


MONDO ROBOT is an officially unofficially recognized DOJO whos secrets of Pong are very closely guarded.  This is a CLOSED DOJO.


Very little is known about this DOJO, the practitioners only appear outside the walls once every one hundred and fifty years.  Despite the secretive nature, the legends of the devaststion laid down by students of this DOJO are well known!

Press Play Bar

Press Play is known as fight club of TTkungfu DOJOS where many practitioners have gained and lost their Honor on the three tables avaible for duels.  There is a Table Tennis league where teams of two can join and compete every Wednesday night with reward and fame up for grabs to the greatest players.  


Press Play is an OPEN DOJO with a number of schools of TTkungfu practicing.


Contact School Master Zach "Lighting Hands"  Lucas with quesions

720-508-4916 or or learn more at

Balls of Fury

Balls of Fury is one of the top two-man teams and schools of TTkungfu that trains out of the Press Play DOJO.  Balls of Fury won the inaugural season of Ping Pong and is most known for their devastating Praying Mantis Serve.

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