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The Rules of Table Tennis or "The Book of Three Pings"



There are many way to engage in the study of Table Tennis or "Ping Pong" to some. TTKungfu's rules are based on the most ancient of studies going back centuries melding  the martial arts of the Chinese and Japanese samurai with the battle table of tennis. TTkungfu may also be compared to the ancient game of GO to checkers.


It has been said, that when the Japanese no longer had a need for the samurai and instead chose to embrace the western style of goverment and war the samuari continued practicing their sword play on the japanese tables of tennis. This is only a myth, but many hold this myth to be true..


Current more, refined methods of interacting on the table of tennis created the rules most of the modern world embrace via the ITTF and USATT standards. These rules have been presented here for those chosing to further their understanding in the modern world.


For those that have a deeper pull into the more ancient art, we present you the recently discovered rules of Table Tennis KungFu in it's entirety.

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